Solar funnel - mobile solar station

The solar funnel is an extremely mobile solar station that can be set up within 2 hours on construction sites or in crisis areas, regardless of location, and generates approx. 40 % more electricity than roof systems. The prototype generates approx. 4,000 KWh/a of electricity (Cologne site).

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Increased efficiency of the solar modules by cooling the solar cells. Different cooling processes will be tested, e.g. water cooling, absorption chiller, heat pump principle

Added Value

The efficiency of solar modules decreases with increasing temperature. For the most frequently used silicon-based modules, the efficiency per degree of temperature increase typically drops by 0.35 to 0.45 percent.

Technology Readiness Level (TRL)

Product idea available
There is a rough product idea, looking for partners for developing a business model

Business plan available

Prototype available

Pilot customer available

Established product available



By means of a closed cooling circuit, the optimum temperature is to be maintained continuously with low energy consumption in order to achieve maximum efficiency. Efficiency increase of at least 20 % - max. 50 % (regions with strong solar radiation)


Business Angel
Venture Capitalist
Debt Investor

Time Horizont

3 - 6 Monate