Pilot projects for the social design of informative billing

Informative billing is coming! There is a lot of sense and energy saving potential in the EU requirement for intra-year consumption and cost transparency for the end user - if the implementation is wisely done. For the development of an information tool that really reaches users, we are looking for pilot projects.

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The prerequisite is an existing submetering infrastructure with high-resolution AMR readout at least for the heat consumption of the object, or one that must be set up promptly.

Added Value

The added value lies, on the one hand, in the acceptance and user loyalty of the energy supplier or landlord and, on the other hand, in the education and energy-saving potential for the end user. There are several studies on the effectiveness of transparency in terms of end-user savings.

Technology Readiness Level (TRL)

Product idea available
There is a rough product idea, looking for partners for developing a business model

Business plan available

Prototype available

Pilot customer available

Established product available



The result is both a consumption information tool with real added value for the end user and a study on the actual effectiveness of the tool.


Time Horizont

Phase 1: Starting now, the design for the consumption information will be developed in close feedback with the end users until the start of the heating period 2019/2020. Phase 2: Over the heating period, the effects of informative billing are monitored in practice.