Stadtwerke Kiel and Tiefbauamt receive "Klimagaarden" plaque for e-charging station

Stadtwerke Kiel already provides 24 publicly accessible charging stations in Kiel and the surrounding area. Today (21 May), the Kiel-based energy supplier and the civil engineering office received a very special award for the newly inaugurated charging station in the Gaarden district: district manager and municipal construction director Peter Warthenpfuhl presented the "Klimagaarden" plaque.

"E-mobility is attracting more and more attention as an alternative means of transportation. We have been involved right from the start and support this, among other things, by expanding the charging infrastructure. This month we are building two more charging stations. A further 36 will follow by next spring. This also includes a fast-charging column with 150 kilowatts of power," explains Sönke Schuster, press spokesman for Stadtwerke Kiel AG.

The charging station on Elisabethstraße in Gaarden, which is now open to the public, has two connections, each with a capacity of 22 kilowatts.

"We have already awarded a plaque to the hybrid buses that run through the district. The buses are helping to reduce CO2 emissions in Gaarden. The loading columns of the municipal utilities support this goal in general in the city, and in particular now also here in Elisabethstraße. That's why we're very happy to present the 29th "Klimagaarden" award," said Peter Warthenpfuhl, neighbourhood manager and municipal building director.

The charging station in the Gaarden district is financially supported by the Federal Ministry of Transport and Digital Infrastructure and is part of a federal grant decision received by Kieler Stadtwerke in February. This provides for the promotion of a total of 41 e-charging stations.