Comgy GmbH

Founding 2017

Comgy develops software and hardware solution for the digitalisation of energy consumption measurement, visualisation and invoicing

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Products and technologies

MIM Mobile App

The MIM App is the tool for meter installations and digital recording of radiator measurements. The entire process from the new installation to the reading and the rule exchange is mapped in the mobile app and safely accompanied.


The Commander reads meter data and can perform a wide range of control functions.
Multi Connect captures meter logs and digital or analog input signals and forwards them over the cellular network to the MGM Desktop App or any server.

Cloud & Server Solutions

The MGM server receives and stores data from meters and sensors. These are decrypted and translated into a format desired by the customer in order to transfer them directly into the customer's own software, for example as consumption data.


1. Target group

Comgy's target group ranges from the real estate industry (modular metering services and monitoring functions) to energy suppliers and metering services (tech products).

2. Added value

Meter installations and the digital recording of radiator measurements. The entire process, from new installation and reading to rule replacement, is mapped in the mobile app. Various products are offered for this purpose

3. Income

Generation of revenue through the sale of advice and subsequent purchase of the products offered on the basis of the app provided.


Ruben Haas

Lukas Krauter
CTO & Co-Founder
Jonas Wiedenhorn

Kristina Huch
PR and Project Manager Biz Dev