Founding 2016

PIONIERNETZ connects grid-connected households with another private network (microgrid structures), which serves to share and transmit the generated renewable energy between households.

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Products and technologies

Private grid coupling

Through the so-called private grid connection, the company wants to meet the demand of consumers for more (shared) self-sufficiency, even if the installation of solar systems and battery storage is not possible for individuals. Owners of PV systems can thus increase the owner-occupancy rate and electricity remuneration of their systems, as they can pass on surplus electricity that their household cannot absorb directly to their neighbours. Thus, their (expensive) energy procurement from the grid can be reduced even without their own generation plant (and storage system) and at the same time the self-use rate and thus the electricity remuneration of the neighbouring renewable generation plant can be increased.


Peer-to-Peer (P2P)

1. Target group

Environmentally conscious neighborhoods with a significant proportion of prosumers.

2. Added value

Users can reduce their energy consumption from the grid and thus increase the rate of owner-occupancy and the electricity remuneration of the neighbouring renewable generation plant.

3. Income

The price structure is currently not yet visible, the service can be booked directly via their website. A direct selling approach is therefore being pursued.


M.Sc. Elektrotechnik Andreas Eberhardt
Dipl. Betriebswirt (FH) Nicolas Schwaab
B.Eng. Elektrotechnik Holger Müller