gridX GmbH

Founding 2016

gridX wants to realize an intelligent networking of battery storage and the intelligent power grid with its products. With the developed hardware and software, the gridBox and the my.gridX dashboard, the startup provides an intelligent network of battery memories and their energy management system.

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Products and technologies


With gridBox, gridX also integrates the customer's storage into the balancing energy market and generates additional revenue for the customer. In future, the surplus electricity can be marketed via the own community, gridX-Pool. This allows customers' own consumption to be increased and electricity costs to be sustainably reduced.

Independent Homes

Independent Homes enables utilities to offer their customers complete energy management for their homes. This maximizes the end user's energy self-sufficiency and ensures grid-compatible operation.

Smart Charging

Smart Charging allows efficient and dynamic load management of charging stations for e-cars for multi-storey car parks, hotels and similar facilities. With the help of gridX's solution, the existing network capacities are fully utilized and cost savings can be realized.


gridX's Microgrids provides energy management for an entire neighbourhood. The monitoring, balancing and control of energy flows within the microgrid increase energy efficiency and enable load shifts in the event of overproduction.


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1. Target group

The gridBox is aimed at households and commercial enterprises with an electrical storage system. But even without storage options, customers can be integrated into the electricity community and benefit.

2. Added value

With the gridBox, energy storage devices can be intelligently integrated into the community, but pure consumption can also benefit from the digital and sustainable offering.

3. Income

gridX distributes the gridBox for mid three-digit amounts via industrial partners. gridX receives a pro-rata commission for the profits achieved on the standard service market. The offer as an energy supplier is also currently being developed.


Andreas Booke
Gründer und Managing Director
David Balensiefen
Gründer und Managing Director