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Launch Innovation plattform.NRW

Today the innovation platform of the Energy Agency NRW, developed in cooperation with Energieloft, was launched! The platform supports companies from NRW free of charge with innovation scouting and the implementation of new business models and digital process improvements. Further information is available at innovation-plattform.energieagentur.nrw möglich.



Startup Speeddating at the Tech Festival

On 16 April 2018, the Energieloft innovation network will host a start-up speed dating event at the Tech Festival of the German Energy Agency in Berlin. Investors and companies meet innovative start-ups in 10-minute slots. All participants thus have the opportunity to make many exciting contacts in a short period of time and to initiate further cooperation between start-ups and companies, for example in the areas of sales and development. Registration is possible for startups, investors and companies at techfestival.energieloft.de.



E-world Speeddating enters second round

The Innovationsnetzwerk Energieloft is again organising the Startup Speeddating in 2018 together with con|energy at the E-world energy & water in Essen on 6 and 7 February 2018. Investors and companies can meet innovative startups in 10-minute slots. With this offer, the fair would like to initiate cooperations between startups and companies, for example in the areas of sales and development. In addition, start-ups gain access to potential investors. Registration is possible for startups, investors and companies at eworld.energieloft.de.



BET and Energieloft launch joint innovation platform versorgerplus.de

In order not only to preach the world of agile development, but also to implement it, BET and Energieloft have launched Versorgerplus.de! Energieloft is responsible not only for the conversion of the platform but accompanies also the conversion of the business models. Interested enterprises can inform on the platform versorgerplus.de about the different business models. Afterwards the innovation team of BET and Energieloft visits the customers locally, discusses details and possibilities in the arrangement of the business models, presents available components, invites offerers of individual components to the customer for an on-site presentation, discusses the technical and economic feasibility and leads the conversion.



Energieloft launches innovation platform with Austria's Energy

Members of Oesterreichs Energie now have the opportunity to find out about innovative start-ups in the fields of energy, Smart City and mobility on the joint innovation platform. One highlight of the platform is an integrated project marketplace, which shows the established energy companies around 100 concrete market entry and cooperation opportunities with startups.



Energieloft and dena start cooperation: Energieloft organises matchmaking at dena Congress 2017

At the dena Congress on 20 and 21 November in Berlin, several hundred experts will meet to discuss current energy issues. Energieloft offers congress visitors the chance to meet exactly the right discussion and project partners! A new matching tool developed by dena and Energieloft in cooperation ensures this. The matching tool uses algorithms to network companies with participants who share the same professional interests and are interested in innovative project ideas and applications.



E-Roller-Sharing in Oberhausen: Energieloft supports Energieversorgung Oberhausen in expanding its digital product portfolio

On 22 September, Energieversorgung Oberhausen AG (evo) was the first company in the Ruhr area to start E-Roller-Sharing . Energieloft was actively involved in initiating the project and identified and won suitable implementation partners via the innovation network. Interested users can register immediately via Smartphone App and localize afterwards free Roller in the city area and borrow at any time. Thanks to exchangeable batteries, the e-scooters are not tied to any charging infrastructure and can be parked anywhere. The billing of the trips is done automatically via the payment data stored in the app.



E-world networks energy start-ups with investors & companies

Together with con|energy, the energieloft innovation network is organising a startup speed dating event at E-world energy & water in Essen on 7 and 8 February 2017. Investors and companies can meet innovative startups in several 15-minute slots. energieloft and con|energy would like to use this offer to initiate cooperation between startups and companies, for example in the areas of sales and development. In addition, start-ups gain access to potential investors. Registration for start-ups, investors and companies is now possible at https://eworld.energieloft.de . By specifying the focus of activities and interests as well as an intelligent matching algorithm, it is ensured that suitable dates are created. Startups will receive two free tickets to E-world for the two days of the event.



BDEW and Energieloft launch joint innovation platform for BDEW members

BDEW now offers its member companies an information and networking platform on which innovative digital projects and technologies can be presented. At the same time, the companies can use a database to establish contacts with over 700 start-ups and enter into concrete cooperations. With this exclusive member service, BDEW wants to support its companies in the realisation of new business models. The new services were created in cooperation with the Aachen-based company Energieloft, a spin-off of RWTH Aachen University.