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Energieloft connects companies and investors with startups and promising ideas to accelerate the implementation of innovation.

700 Ideas

2000 Startups

2500 Established Companies

Why the Innoloft Ecosystem is used by

  • Startups
  • Companies
  • Investors
  • Receive introductions to potential customers automatically
  • Get linked to potential Investors
  • Communicate offers and requests to thousands of companies

" With the help of Energieloft, we got our first free-floating sharing in cooperation with evo Oberhausen. "

" Many thanks to Energieloft for connecting us with E.DIS E.ON. Our solution now monitors and controls an energy center near Potsdam. "

" After contact via Energieloft, we were able to professionally and agilely accompany Stadtwerke Langenfeld during the implementation of the first municipal mobility platform in Germany. It's based on MOQO technology. "

The Ecosystem at a Glance

We accelerate innovation through automated matching and network transparency. Find offers and requests from innovative start-ups, established companies and investors in Europe's largest platform ecosystem.

The Energieloft ecosystem comprises more than 15 platforms that you can all be managed one account.

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Discover members of over 3000 companies in the ecosystem

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In the ideation phase, companies gather, develop and communicate ideas on how to foster their business development.

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In the evaluation phase, ideas are screened and assessed according to specific parameters such as market size, economic feasibility or risk analysis.

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In the conceptual phase, the business model is defined while necessary components and potential partners are identified. A concrete business plan begins to crystallize.

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During the piloting phase, the concept or mockups are materialized by developing a first product prototype. The prototype is tested and iterated upon.

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Scale up and market launch

After successful testing, the new products is ready to scale and conquer the market!

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